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Luigi Console, Visual designer alternates work experiences and freelance collaborations with creative studios and / or communication agencies. His desire for knowledge led him to investigate the uses of different media, from screen printing to creative code, from analog to digital. He participates as an artist in many European festivals such as the Oddstream Festival (2014 Netherlands), the FIMG (2013, Girona), Chartres en Lumieres (2012 - France) and at the Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/2017, simultaneously with the role of curator of the GLOWFestival - International video mapping festival, held in Ostuni from 2012 to 2015. It is present at the PULSE LIGHT Festival 2018-2019 (HONK KONG - CHN), at Vivid Sydney 2017 (Sydney - AUS). He is supported by an artistic and technical team of great professionalism with international references in the audiovisual show sector: 
Daniele Motolese / technical director 
Fabio Punzi / Sound designer 
Gianpiero D’Onghia / Structural Design & 3d technical renders